Monday, July 19, 2010

On making decisions

We got the island painted the dark green color (actually two different dark greens). Here it is:

Bottom just wasn't doing it for me. I liked it, but something was off, and I couldn't put my finger on it.

Now, several of you (including my mother, who gets to see this all first-hand) let me know that you liked the color of the walls the best, and wondered aloud why was I off on this wild goose chase? Well, you monochromatic fans will be glad to know that the island will now be the same color as the walls. And my penance is painting it myself, even though Mark is a better, faster painter. Because he's already painted it one and a half times. Pictures next time.

Some of you also may have noticed that my father-in-law, Dick, using the sneaky pseudonym "Fran", left a comment casting dispersions on my ability to make decisions. Well, "Fran", let me just point out that for every one decision to make, I make five. And is five not greater than one? Therefore, I am a GREAT decision maker! Clearly!!

Now that we have that settled...on to my problem with the cabinet hardware. Because there is a problem.

Not that I don't love my hardware...I DO. But something just isn't quite right.

Overkill on the scoops?

Yes, I know I have lots of drawers, and perhaps that is the source of the problem, but I love drawers! They are so efficient. One movement, and you see everything! I had decided to put scoops on all drawers, and pulls on cabinet doors.

But the scoops seem kind of big for the smaller drawers, don't they? Especially next to my dinky wire pulls.

I could start by switching these two:

This is kind of a special case, because the bottom is a pull-out recycling center. Which acts like a big drawer, but I thought the scoop would look awkward. Now I'm rethinking that. But once I put that wire pull on the drawer, wouldn't it look nice to have all the top row drawers use the wire pulls? Kind of mix it up?

Part of the problem as well is that the pulls are kind of dinky, and the scoops are kind of clunky next to them. But I love them both! I have always loved the scoops, and the pulls are, to me, old-fashioned and farmhouse-y as well. And they have great clearance, keeping your fingers far from the cabinet face. See?

I love that!

Tune in next time to see how (or if) I solve this egregious problem. And to check out the final island color. How's that for a teaser, Corrie?


  1. All these decisions are VERY the recycle bin and all the drawers...YOU CAN NOW HAVE 5 JUNK DRAWERS!

  2. First off, you can't get through 20 years in the military if you are unable to make decisions. On second thought, you spent 20 years having so-and-so telling you what to do, where your next duty station would be, that you WOULD do p.t. So, maybe the military is full up wonderful people like you who like being bossed around (but only at work). That's doesn't mean you can't make a decision.

    Second, I sort of liked the green idea but I was thinking a lighter shade than you selected. Sort of on the "sagey" side. But now you have decided to use the wall color, which is a great idea. I'm sure Mark is happy you are volunteering to paint the island yourself.

    Now for the handles. I do like all the drawers having scoops. I also like the idea of the top row having pulls on them. They are narrower and lend themselves to something a bit smaller than the scoops. But I love the scoops. And I love the black. I only hope that the holes for attaching both are in the same location.

    Finally, I don't agree with "Fran". I think you make terrific decisions. You are great at weighing the options. Seeing it from all sides. Checking and cross checking. You were even so efficient when you decided to have babies that you got it all out of the way in one fell swoop. Now THAT's a decision!!

    You go girl!!

  3. I actually LOVE the dark green island paint. I'm repainting ours every other month thanks to shoes and dirty toes dangling from the stools when eating at the island counter...