Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's all in the details

As we head into the home stretch, we are focused on the details that we REALLY must (or want to) get done before we get our furniture. We anticipate the arrival of the household shipment around the 19th, so we have to be judicious in our efforts!

We were almost done with the hardwood floors when I took a break for my father's birthday (July 6th) and my 44th birthday on the 8th, and joined my family down at the lake. I came back home with the goal of finishing the floors on my birthday. Mark was a good sport and worked on other things until I arrived. See how patient he is?

Let me expand on that theme. Here is Mark holding up cabinet hardware for me. What an angel!

Can't he see the critical difference between these two?

Yeah, I chose the blackish black one, not the brownish black one. Clearly the superior color!

And speaking of color, I am once again deeply conflicted over paint choices. I chose a color for the island that was meant to add pizzaz, warmth, and panache. But now that I see it applied, I feel it is too much.

It makes the countertops look drab, which is not what they deserve! What do you think? I'm thinking maybe a dark green would do the job?

Maybe a dark, dark green?


  1. I cansee that decisions are not one of your strong points, to put it kindly!!

  2. I can see that decisions are not one of your strong points!!

  3. Mark, take that smirk off your face....yes, I