Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Icebox Cometh

But first, of course, I have to make good on my promise of showing the third and final (?) island color.

I am plenty happy with it. My concerns about too much of one thing, and grimy footscuffs are tabled for review at a later date.

So we have the arrival of the Samsung 26 cubic foot side-by-side. Big excitement in these parts. Check out how these guys are moving it--holding it between them with straps over their backs.

Here is Mark, explaining how this works. Thank you, Mark!

Naah, really, he was just as excited and amazed as the rest of us.

Here's the guy explaining how, for $1,100, this thing will keep our stuff cold AND make ice!

And here it is "in situ".

You may notice the same thing my mother did: "Oh! It's white...".

Yes, the stainless would have been a little more attractive, but after I cover it with stuff, is it really worth the extra $$? I decided not.

And that's final!


  1. the new fridge. Just an can't stick magnets to the front of stainless steel. I think the white goes great with your kitchen. And for what it's worth, I'm holding out that you will repaint the island a lighter shade of green. It would be perfect!!

  2. I see you didn't get the freezer on the bottom.....that would be my the island color.