Saturday, July 17, 2010

Field Trip to Cat Haven

I've had the girls enrolled in a "summer camp" that consists mostly of crafty projects and free play. Last Wednesday, the group of us went to Cat Haven, a conservation outreach facility that houses many types of exotic cats. The Haven is located just west of Kings Canyon, so it is a beautiful setting. We saw about 20 animals, heard their stories, and really had a great visit, even though we had already started on our current stretch of triple digit temps. My nephew, Scotty, came along, which was a real treat for the girls...some serious hero worship there!

Here is the cheetah. Look for her in a future Adidas commercial:

A black leopard who used to work in Hollywood but had a disturbing habit of pouncing on men when they turned their backs:

A plains lion checking out a juicy morsel:

After the visit, we stopped for a cold one at a little country store. Note that Abigail is now missing BOTH her top sweet!

All in all, a great day!

AND we got word from the movers...our stuff should be here on Friday, the 23rd. Perfect!

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