Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

About six months ago, I was hot to settle on a fireplace stone, because I felt it would be a focal point of the large living room, and I wanted to make that choice before paint, countertops, flooring, etc. We did choose a natural stone, a dry-stack slate called Autumn Rose. We bought it and have had it outside, waiting, biding its sweet time, until now.

We got four capstones to sit on top of the hearth, so we could sit on them to warm our backsides in the winter.

The sides were flat cuts, so Mark chipped the outer stones to have that rough-hewn look to match the front edge. It worked perfectly!

And here is the hearth with the vertical pieces in place:

The rock will run up around and above the fireplace to about 6 feet, then we'll have a wood mantel. I am absolutely thrilled with it--the pictures don't do justice to the warm, rich colors in the rock. It grounds the room nicely.

We'll do the rest of the wall later. Just doing the hearth now so we can start laying the hardwood. Yeeeaaaahhhh!


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