Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More Kittens

OK, I know there are some of you (like my husband) who, upon reading my last post, said "How can you write about kittens at a time like this? What about the house? Aren't you building a house? Isn't it almost done? Aren't you excited about that???!!!"

Well...yes. Yes I am. Especially since I think we'll get our certificate of occupancy WITHIN A WEEK! This doesn't mean that we can actually OCCUPY the house yet (well, I guess we could, but there is no flooring or furniture), but it is a huge milestone that means the house is approved, the permit is complete, and construction, per se, is over.

Two things must occur before the final inspections: the stairs must be completed, and the plumbing in the master bath must be completed. Both are in work, as you can see. The stairs were subbed out, and THOSE GUYS don't work on the weekend, unlike my extremely motivated husband. Here they sit, lonely and forlorn, midway through construction:

They should be finished this week (really!). The bathroom work, on the other hand, blistered along this weekend, and should be done today (Tuesday). I'm so pleased with how the shower looks!

The look is kind of modern and tailored, which suited my mood by the time I got to the master bath. I love the slate accent tile:

NOW the long pole is carpeting. I must first choose the carpet, then it can be ordered and actual progress can be made in that area. I'm very close. I'm about to pull the trigger.

This room is ready.

And so is this one.

Just sitting there, waiting for me to make. a. decision.

So, house lovers, stay tuned for our next episode, which will detail our trip to Chuck E. Cheese for a birthday party!

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