Monday, June 14, 2010

The Funky Stairs

Well...what would you expect?

There are a few aspects of our stairs that make them a little funky. First, we liked the idea of panels with shapes cut out instead of straight balusters. Here were some examples:

We did a rough computer mock-up, and decided we liked a mixture of panels and balusters:

And here is the final product, installed but not yet painted:

I have to note, this is one of the few decisions where I have gotten negative feedback. My mom and sister do NOT like this design, or maybe just the execution. Maybe it will grow on them when it is all painted. The plan is to stain the treads and the handrail, and paint the risers (the vertical part of the stair) and the balusters/panels.

The second special feature of the staircase is my gigantic ball. You probably already noticed it. I had a vision of one, sitting atop the newel post, that I touch as I swing around the bottom of the stairs to head into the kitchen. I wanted to have that fulcrum. A big honkin' one. And once I saw this ball in the shop, I had to have it. They tried to dissuade me. They tried to tell me it was too big. But I wouldn't listen.

Surely you can see its charm?

If you come visit, I will let you touch it. And if you have any residual doubts about whether it is a good fit, they will melt away.


  1. It's interesting....different...a conversation starter...what will it be painted....I love the huge ball!

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