Friday, May 7, 2010

Treasure Hunt

Yesterday was the sixth anniversary of the event that changed our world. We moved from a family of two to a family of four in one fell swish of a scalpel.

Sorry, but I couldn't resist. Yes, it was the girls' sixth birthday. Events consisted of my once again plying my cupcake making and decorating skills, bringing enough for the class to enjoy in the afternoon. The girls gave me specific directions: chocolate cake, purple frosting, jellybeans on top, smiley face.

Here's what ACTUALLY happened:

A grayish-lavender pallor with an unsettling, scary, bead-filled grimace.

The kids seemed to like them, though, so no worries! Here are the girls drooling over the last three.

I then made up a treasure hunt for them to find their gifts. This is a great way to stretch things out and make a small gift seem like a real treasure! I tried it last year, and it was such a hit, I did it again. Unfortunately, during the hiding process, I lost track of which clue led where, and had to retrace my steps several times. Note to self: start with the LAST present and work backwards!

The girls surprised me by actually READING all the clues themselves, with Mark only adding assistance. If I had properly anticipated this, I might have tailored the clues a little better! But they did just fine.

I tried to make the clues a little oblique, but they were pretty quick to solve them. I can tell this is going to get more challenging if I try it again next year!

Which I will...I love it as much as the girls do!

Now to prep for the small party we'll be hosting tomorrow. Six kids, a hot tub, and a cold pool. I think we'll ALL sleep well tomorrow night!


  1. Happy birthday Abigail and Mae. I remember seeing you before you came home from the hospital and Garrett holding you both in his arms at the same time. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Thank you for making our life twice as nice.