Friday, May 14, 2010

It's Seamless to Me!

Still trying to catch up from last weekend. Because in addition to hosting a birthday party on Saturday, something else was going on.

Something big.

Literally and figuratively.

Because we have a BOATLOAD of countertops.

Yes! The kitchen countertops were installed. We did go with the Corian, despite some negatives (which I'm grateful you pointed out, Jackie and Corrie, so I know now). I just fell in love with one sample, and after much soul searching, we decided to splurge. Now that it is installed, I would have to say "Yes, it is worth the extra money". It is really, truly gorgeous.

Check this little detail at the fancy!

Mark and my niece Casey went around looking for seams.

They gave it their all.

OK, they found some, but they had to look really, REALLY hard!

I can live with that!


  1. Very nice. Tons of cabinets, tons of space, lots of will be cooking up a storm soon. I'm sure after the trailer this kitchen will seem HUGE!!!