Saturday, April 3, 2010

Big day at the White House

Yesterday was an incredible day for several reasons. First and foremost, my 90-year-old grandmother came to visit the house.

She toured around, gave her stamp of approval, and then it was off to the casino. Yeah, really! Her zest for life is inspiring! Grandma and I have a special connection because she ALSO had twins..."identical" boys. One of them, Robert, drove Grandma up from San Diego to spend Easter with my folks.

The second big deal about yesterday is that we got all the cabinets set except for those around the refrigerator, which will be next to the back door. The peninsula really deliniates the kitchen from the living room area.

Here's the view looking down from the stairs.

While I'm up here, I'll check on my niece, Megan, who has painted ALL THIS TRIM!

Going back down to the kitchen, here's the island, with drawer banks on either side of the space where the range will slide in.

And here is the decision I still need to make. Does that Corian look $3,350 better?


  1. I had Corian and really enjoyed it...especially my Corian double bowl sink. But if it really makes no difference to you aesthetically, and you aren't going to be reselling your house, which I assume you aren't, go with the formica. Corian scratches easily just like formica and Corian gets burn marks just like formica if you don't use hotpads when you set down very hot items on it. From the photo, I like the formica on the left.

  2. I love that some of the cabinets are open glass to display stuff in! Beautiful job!

  3. Your Grandmother looks wonderfully fit! Good genes. And I love your taste in cabinets...they look just like the ones in our home in Va(but you have lots more of them) :).

  4. We have had granite, tile, and now we have Corian in our rental house. I like granite the best and it is worth every penny. You can put hot pans on it, cut on it, it's almost indestructible. Our corian counter is L shaped, with a double sink molded into it, and a cutout for the glass stove top. We set a turkey right out of the oven on the counter and it cracked, about 5". I can only imagine how much it will cost to replace the counter if our landlords require us to do so. We did ask at Lowes and were told that if it is installed properly, you can set hot pans on it and it does not crack. We will face that argument with the landlord when we move out. My vote would always be for granite.

  5. Oh yeah, our friends had their crock pot on their corian counter and it cracked, about 12" long.