Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Home-made trim

One of the fun things about building your own house is adding those custom little touches that say "I made this". Maybe they only say it to YOU, because you selected them, but the connection is there. I mean, maybe EVERYONE already has these special little details in their home, but I never noticed them because I DIDN'T select them. Is that possible?

Yes, but not likely.

So we've had quite a time choosing trim details for the funky farmhouse. Some were inspired by one of my favorite blogs, The Country Doctor's Wife (now called My Sister's Farmhouse). It was there that I learned about plinth blocks, and these little doo-hickeys that go in the inside corner of a room, which I mentioned in a previous post. Also, I latched onto this kind-of Craftman style header that she described as (I paraphrase because this was a couple of years ago and I haven't been able to re-find it) 'the pretty blue eyes on the face of the otherwise plain girl'. Isn't that a great description? Now don't you want to see what the heck I'm talking about?

But wait. First I have to make the point that Mark is MAKING all these trim details. From scratch. From a big sheet of MDF. So let's see it from the beginning.

Here's the sheet of MDF as it arrives at our house, in the back of Mark's truck.

He cuts it down with the table saw.

Notice the unguarded spinning blade? Yeah, there's supposed to be a guard there, but REAL carpenters disable all that stuff. At least that's Mark's story. He learned this from the three-fingered guy he used to work for. But I digress--now here he shapes the edges with the router.

And here is the profile of this particular set of trim.

Now here are some of those fancy-dancy details I was jabbering about earlier. The plinth block is the larger piece at the base of the door frame. I don't know the name of the corner piece. Mark did NOT make that from scratch. But he could if he wanted to, you know.

Here is the "pretty blue eyes" detail.

And here is a framed window. It will get an "apron" along the bottom to be complete (and spackle and another coat of paint).

Maybe someone will now google "farmhouse trim" and find ME. Just to be sure, I'll say it again.

Farmhouse trim.

Farmhouse trim.

Funky farmhouse trim (just to catch those outliers).


  1. Don't let mom know your not using any guards on the saws...otherwise you'll be back on her prayer list.

  2. Hi Connie...I'm all caught up on your posts!! You are too funny...I'll bet that has come in handy during this whole construction process eh? hehehe Wow! Love seeing the house come together...when is move in? I love seeing the girls....they grow up fast so enjoy all those opportunities to excel!!! And your hair looks so great!!! I don't miss paying $120 anymore!!! Take care...say hi to Mark and the girls! Hugs!

  3. I love the white trim! I struggled so hard on which kind of trim to do. We went with wood - but I still love white trim. The house looks really good.

  4. Yes, I googled farmhouse trim. Well done, sir.

  5. Could you ask Mark if that is a sheet of 3/4" MDF or is it 5/8"?

  6. Silas, it's 3/4 trim but I suspect 5/8" would work as well. I liked the depth of 3/4".

  7. Thanks! I hope my trim turns out as good...but past experience tells me otherwise.