Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Cabinet Connection

Yesterday was a BIG day up at the house--cabinets arrived! My brother-in-law, Scott, drove the truck up to deliver them himself (yes, he works for Cabinet Connection, and yes, that is a very handy connection when one is building a house).

The crowd mills in anticipation.

No pictures of the actual unloading, since everyone pitched in, and the truck was quickly unloaded. In the house, it seemed there was an ocean of boxes. Can this possibly all fit?

The first cabinet is unpacked. Will it pass inspection?

Yes! Time to celebrate!

If you look very, very closely, you can see the relief in my eyes, because the cabinets DO look great with the color of the walls.

Scott, the man of the hour, on the right.

The kids set up a bucket brigade to whisk the cardboard back into the truck.

These next few days should be really exciting as the kitchen begins to take shape. Stay tuned!


  1. Yeah!! Cabinets!! They look wonderful and I see lots of storage. I love a family that can always come up with a reason to celebrate!!

  2. So so exciting! Can't wait to see real furniture!

  3. Very nice, Connie and Mark. The home is really taking shape. With all the documentation of this endeavor your upcoming book will be a breeze in comparison.