Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Budget Hair

During this year of house building, our only income is my military retirement, which I'll go ahead and tell you (pay charts are public info) is about $35k per year. Obviously "retirement" is a slight misnomer, since a) 42 is a little young to give up working and b) most people would like to make more money than that per year, especially with a family of four! However, we made a very deliberate move to a rural area with the knowledge that we were giving up a lot of earning power in exchange for environment. This year has been a year of transition in many ways, especially when looking at the challenge of how to live within our means when we weren't making any outside income. Let me just say...we don't eat out very often! I can also say that when we were on the road RVing, I realized that we could actually afford to do that indefinitely. WOW! So we have a very small financial footprint this year and hopefully will grow a little as Mark establishes a business in the area and I do...something.

Anyway, the reason I launched into this background info is that one cost-saving measure comes by having my mom do my hair. I used to fork out $120 bucks (yes!) three or four times a year to have my hair cut and highlighted. Now, for $5 I can get my hair frosted with a cap, or for $7, I can get a foil highlight.

I should probably include the price of the White Russian my mom is drinking.

Oh IS better as a blond!

And for the life of me, I can't really tell the difference between this and my high-dollar hair. Funny, eh?


  1. When is Mark going to get his hair done?

  2. How fun...sign me up. My hair is only 2" long (I'm working towards that spikey doo you said would look good on me) and I pay $85. I would never let my mom touch my hear though. I remember being about 4-5 and she tried to give me a perm...solution in my eyes and hair that looked like a brillo pad. Anyway, your hair looks fantastic and Mark looks pretty happy with it too.