Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Chance to Excel

In the military, "another chance to excel" was the term used when someone was assigned some thankless job that no one wanted to do.

In my new role as "parent at large", I find myself volunteering for lots of activities, many which involved trying to recruit OTHER parents for...chances to excel. Unfortunately, even after a year, my network is pretty small, AND I've never been very good at reaching out and asking for help. In fact, I used up all my reaching-out-and-asking-for-help energies in support of the prior weekend's car-ni-vahl.

And this leads up to the story of how a few of us (actually the same ones who did car-ni-vahl, go figure) put on the Book Fair for our school this past week. We did have a few wonderful folks who actually sought out the opportunity to work in the fair, and I'm sure they'll be rewarded for their good deeds by being given more chances to excel!

Here is our book fair, with our fearless leader (the one who REALLY did all the work) watching over the wares. This woman went on to run a car wash this weekend, while I was a puddle of mush at home.

The fair was actually quite successful, raising money for the library, with matching funds donated to kids in need.

As a bonus, Clifford the Big Red Dog, who LOVES reading, came to present books to each classroom!

All I can say is...Yikes, was it hot in there! Note to self: bring change of clothes next time.

By the way...what are you doing next week? Do I have an opportunity for you!

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