Friday, March 12, 2010

Sheet goods

Now, some of you will probably read about this and think it odd.

Some may even say "Ew, why would ANYONE put that in their house?"

And maybe someone will say "Well that was a very sound decision, and a lovely one too."

That last group is welcome to leave comments.

Just kidding! My skin is as tough impervious as...well...vinyl!

OK, so we decided to put vinyl flooring in the mudroom and all the bathrooms. I KNOW tile is so durable and beautiful, but it is just too damn cold. So vinyl it was, and Mark insisted that it be sheet versus tiles, so we wouldn't have lots of seams for water to sneak through.

Yesterday we put down the flooring in the utility room and the mudroom and half bath. Still waiting on delivery for the master bath and kids' bath. The mudroom flooring is Armstrong Stratamax, which is supposed to be very durable, but was a booger to lay. The two bathrooms will be in this cushiony European stuff called Flexitec. Yeah, nice and SOFT on our naked feet!

So here are Mom and Dad inspecting the new flooring. They said they liked it.

Here is a close-up of the material. Doesn't it look like that fancy-dancy concrete that is in all the magazines? Yes! Yes it does!

Here is the utility room, where the washer and dryer will be, as well as an additional fridge/freezer eventually. THIS vinyl was eight bucks a yard, baby! (Note: this is NOT a laundry room, where I linger and fold laundry on my special laundry-folding shelves. I'm a haul-it-out-and-fold-it-in-front-of-the-t.v. kind of person, laundry room)

And here is our first piece of trim, freshly painted in its new color: Cotton Whisper. I can't hear that name without thinking about underwear, but I must say it is a lovely warm-toned white.

The trim will be substantial (5+ inches for this base) but fairly simple. Not quite Craftsman, but along those lines.

Here I am with some beadboard wainscoting that I just painted. This will go in the half bath.

I've been campaigning to get a working potty up and running. Looks like it will happen in the next few days...isn't THAT something to smile about?

No more peeing in the yard! For me, anyway :-)

Just kidding...I run down the hill to Mom and Dad's! Now Mark, on the other hand...

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