Monday, March 15, 2010

No promises

I will now publicly confess that I sleep around.

I'm a very light, restless sleeper, and this, combined with a husband who often snores, means I often get up and go elsewhere for a "change of venue". Usually I'll go snuggle with one of the girls, which they seem to enjoy, and I try to give each equal time. Of the two girls, Abigail falls asleep and generally doesn't move. In fact, I'll often check her breathing (still), just on general principle. Mae, unfortunately, takes after me. She's very wakeful at random times in the night, and rolls and thrashes and kicks and hollers all in a good night's sleep. Now, if I'm in her bed, of course I'll just leave. But if she comes to sleep in our bed, I feel I should be able to make some conditions. A few nights ago, I tried to lay down the law.

Sometime during the night, Mae shows up and wants to sleep with us.

"Now, Mae", I said, "you were kicking and moving around earlier. You'll have to be pretty still if you sleep here".

Long silence.

"Mom, I can't make any promises."

What? She wants to come into my bed but can't promise to lie still? Why not? Finally, it struck me.

"Mae, I'm just talking about when you're awake."

"Oh. Okay."

Poor thing...she couldn't commit to controlling herself during sleep, and she wouldn't make a promise she wasn't sure she could keep!


  1. My brother snores? HA, HA! Samuel cries out in his sleep and wakes me often. I am a light sleeper unlike Richard. Ugghh....

  2. I am a light sleeper too. It's no fun listening to Monty's blackberry vibrate at 3:30 a.m. when people in Dayton are sending him emails!! We may have to move the phone to the kitchen.

    I have fond memories of snuggling with my kids when they were long ago.