Monday, March 1, 2010

My New Skill

First off, we're all breathing a big sigh of relief for my mother-in-law, Fran. She had a stroke this weekend, and we were all sweating bullets, but she got treatment very quickly, and is recovering well. Hi Fran!

You may remember my story about the drywall crews and their specialized tasks, There was a guy whose sole job was to push the scaffold around with another guy perched atop it, and hand materials up to him. Here he is now:

Well, last week, I was that guy! I got to push the scaffolding around, and hand stuff up to Mark. Mark, in an uncharacteristically prudent move, did climb down before I pushed the rig around.

Well, before we pushed it around.

OK...before Mark did most of the work pushing and I shuffled behind trying not to swing the darn thing into a wall.

What were we doing on the scaffolding, anyway?

Why...we were painting! You may well wonder how the paint color ordeal worked out. And I wish I had some pictures, but I don't today, so I'll just tell you, and show pics later.

I stuck with the color.

The funny thing was, I was convinced I had to start over from scratch. I went back to the hundreds of paint chips, downselected, and came up with the same, damn color! I couldn't deny was my favorite! We did choose a second color two shades lighter, so instead of the second, darker accent color, we had a second, lighter accent color which brightened and softened the whole look. We're both very pleased.

So we sprayed and rolled ceilings and big walls, and we are getting close to the end of painting. And I must say, I'll be glad when this particular stage is over. Hard to believe we might be in the house in another 10 weeks...just in time for summer!

Do I hear a YEEEAAAAH???!

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