Monday, March 8, 2010

The Mountain Press

I believe I have mentioned that we live in a rural area. Some of you who have not BEEN to Tollhouse, California I'm sure just picture the "California" part, and visualize freeways, smog, Hollywood raciness, and crazy, inept government. While that last one is pretty accurate, even down to the county level, there are many places in California that do not fit this general description, and our new hometown is one.

Tollhouse is a smaaaallllll town. And to illustrate, I give you our local paper, the Mountain Press. This newspaper not only covers Tollhouse, but the other local small towns of Auberry, Shaver Lake, Huntington Lake, Prather, Northfork and Friant. Here's the front page:

I draw your attention to this riveting front page story:

What DID happen to this goat? They are very popular pets up here. What someone coveting this goat and wanting it for their own pet?

Or, dare I say, just hungry for a little goat meat?

If the mystery is solved, will there be a follow-up story?

Going to the inside of the paper, is always fun, because I can usually find pictures of family. This week is no is my niece, Casey, front row, far right, recognized for finishing the JV basketball season second in their league. Congrats, Casey!

Next week will feature another niece, Megan, whose soccer team just won the league championship. Congrats Megan!

My own children have been in this paper the same week! Of course, I don't have pictures, but next time I'll do better. Because I'm sure it will happen again.

And you should see the letters to the editor! Religion, politics, you name it! Primarily discussed between three people, but debate!

Though it may be hard to guess, I DO love the Mountain Press, and read it front to back each week. If you want to know what's going on locally, they do a great job. Really!

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