Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Look who's coming to dinner

Well, I mean tea, really.

We recently ran up to Paradise, CA to visit friends Nick and Judy and attend our neice Amanda's state gymnastics meet. The meet went well, with Amanda finishing 2nd all around in her group, achieving her personal best score. On to regionals! But, as our nephew Peter put it, "This is the longest athletic event I've ever been to, all to see my person compete for five minutes." So accurate! But it IS an exciting five minutes! And I love to watch the floor exercises, especially at this level. Incredible.

But do I have pictures of this event?

No. I do not.

Our visit with Nick and Judy was wonderful as well. They always spoil us (all!) terribly and are tremendous hosts. I'm not sure who instigated it...I suspect Judy, but the girls ended up hosting an event themselves--an elaborate tea party, with quite the guest list! Here they are, setting up the table.

Teddy and friend.

Nermal can't believe his eyes...it looks so good!

The hostesses with the mostesses.

Apparently everyone had a good time, and the leftovers were spectacular!

Note: No animals, live or stuffed, were harmed in the making of this post.


  1. I am so offended that I wasn't invited!

  2. Ah...starting those party habits off at a young age. Very nice!!

  3. So cute!!! They sure are growing up fast! I love to see what you all have gotten done and now I'm wondering if you have a possible time frame for actually living in this house! So exciting! Can't Mark work a little faster? lol just kidding Mark! :) And OH, do you have a fire pit yet for Friday nights? Thats a necessity you know! Juan is flying out of Afghanistan on April 3rd...and home here in Michigan on the 9th! With any luck! Chat soon!