Monday, March 15, 2010

God's eyes

Yesterday at breakfast, Abigail asked me about God.

"Mom, God watches over everyone, right?"

"Yes, Abigail."

"Everyone in the whole world?"


" many eyes does he have?"

Hmmm...I'm sure some of us think we know the answer to that one, but I sure won't make that claim! And of course I've come up with many things I WISH I would have said right then...but didn't. I was transfixed by just the face value of the question. What was she picturing?

So I said, "Two, of course!"

No...I didn't.

Really, I said "Well, most people picture God as a grandfather, looking out over his family. So he'd look like an older man, with two eyes."

But did I stop there with my 5-year-old's question? No, I did not.

"But God could look like a woman, or a child, or one giant eye, or a spirit, or a ball of light. We really don't know."

Which then prompted me to look up and share the story about God appearing to Moses as a burning bush, because it was the only instance that immediately came to my mind where God appeared to someone. I was interested to see that, at least in the interpretation I was reading, it was an ANGEL of God in the bush, but God's voice. At least, the voice was speaking in the first person, so you would presume it was God's voice.

By this time, of course, Abigail had completely lost interest, and probably forgotten that her question had initiated the discussion.

Maybe I should have just said "Two." and called it good.

In other news, we now have three working toilets in the house! C'mon over...we'll have potty party!

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