Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Funkier than funky

OK, Mark has been complaining about the fact that I have had no pictures for several posts. So it is time to return to my series of dimly lit, underwhelming photos that capture only a fraction of the "big picture".

My vision for the interior of the house has been "farmhouse-y with a fresh, funky twist". Doesn't that sound like I know what the heck I'm doing? Like I actually learned something from the hundreds of hours I've spent poring over magazines trying to get some sense of style? Interestingly, many of the "farmhouses" in the magazines and books are starkly modern inside, which is NOT our look. And while the rough-hewn beams and rock-covered walls of the truly rustic look are attractive to us, it didn't quite fit for our long-term home. So I just started making things up. Obviously!

So I did things like this...two ceiling fans dangling down in our very high living room, with our funky interior windows in the background.

I didn't want the fans to be too dark, so ended up with stainless...kind of edgy, no? Goes with my stainless warehouse lights as pendants over the island.

And here is the half bath all tricked out with my funky black faucet.

And here is the flooring in the master bath. A darkly colorful and funky tile-look-alike. I'm thinking we might do just a white shower tile with REAL SLATE accent.

And here is the flooring in the upstairs bath. This picture, of course, does not capture the look, but maybe you can tell that it is the same pattern with lighter, more neutral colors, in keeping with our lighter theme in the loft.

Plenty o' funk going on here! Oh yes!



  2. Love the lights---hope you got a remote control with them!! Love the sink, faucet and beadboard in the half bath. Looks like you need a helper to break down boxes. I can see that you are almost there and I truly enjoy every post, even if they don't all have pictures.

  3. Hey Connie!!! Love your blog and the house you are building! The girls sure have grown since we saw you all last. We left Edwards and have been at Raf Mildenhall since aug 2007. We are heading back to the states this summer and Rob is returning to school to get his PhD in Chemistry!
    Take care.