Friday, March 5, 2010

Dry Sea Grass and Castlestone

I woke up today with a mission.

My mother-in-law Fran is home from the hospital (yay!).

I MUST get pictures of the painted rooms on the blog so she can see them.

So...Fran, you are the wind beneath my wings! Here we go:

The great room. I've got to tell you, these pictures make the colors look kind of dingy, I know. They are not (despite my earlier angst about the color being overpowering). The room is warm and bright, just like I wanted.

The kitchen and dining area. Can you see the back door, which is white right now? See how crisp it looks? That's what I'm looking forward to adding with the kitchen cabinets. The trim will also be a warm white: Cotton Whisper. And there will be lots of it!

The master bedroom. With windows on the north and west, not much natural light gets in, so mostly the lighter color, with one darker accent wall. I'm in love with this fan, too.

And then we get to Never Never Land. I let the girls pick their own color, and we took it to the super-saturation point. Believe it or not, that fan is white, but I think my camera was overwhelmed. It does pop out nicely in "real life".

I'm picturing faeries, clouds, stardust, and flower kingdoms.

And I guess some furniture too.

Yellow :-)


  1. Question...on the first picture...above the kitchen looks like a loft, but there are cut outs too? Will that be a room? The girls room is VERY BRIGHT! WOW!!! Who's the hunky guy hanging out in the kitchen? Good colors Connie, I think it will look great!

  2. If I may be so bold as to answer Tracey, I believe the cutouts in the half wall for the loft has two purposes...people can see through them, both upstairs and downstairs, to see what's going on in the other area. Also, the cutouts allow the light from the upstairs window to come down into the greatroom/kitchen (I think this is what Connie told me the purpose of those holes are for).

    Love the paint, love the lights, love the ceiling fan. I am loving this house with every blog I see. You guys are doing a fantastic job.

    Miss you 4.

  3. Correctomundo, Corrie! The holes are indoor windows, for the purpose of letting light flow into the northern end of the house.

    And to look up everyone's skirt.

    Nice, eh?