Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The springing of spring

All of a sudden, after a few warm days last week (which I barely noticed because I was writhing in the agony of indecision) the environment has totally changed.

I did manage to go walking out on the back 40 with the girls, and here is the evidence of said change (note that this is a child's finger, so this flower is really itty-bitty):

Yes, spring is rearing its lovely head. As we drive down to Fresno, we can see loads of wildflowers coming out in full force at lower elevations. This is going to be a fantastic year for flowers, I think, with all the wonderful rain we've had. Rain is wonderful, that is, unless you're an elementary school teacher...I've been around in the classroom to see THAT spectacle! Speaking of school...

Last week the kids had the week off. This is a break that has in the past been called "Ski Week", to declare its true nature. Now, however, it is called "winter break" to not offend those who don't ski (unfortunately, we're in that group this year, since we're not earning any money beyond subsistence). We'll also have a "spring break" at the end of March, beginning of April. Get it?

So here's one thing we did last week INSTEAD of skiing...turned on the Yoga Kids DVD.

The girls really got into it.

Until, predictably, someone got whacked in the face. Then only one is enjoying the yoga, and the other is sniffing her blankie on the couch (yes, they still do that).

But it all ends well by the end of the session. Here is the final pose.


*If you haven't done any yoga lately, this Sanskrit word (nah-mah-stay') can be loosely translated, according to wikipedia, as "I bow to you. The light within me honors the light within you." Now isn't that nice?

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