Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Za Dungeon

Yes, one of the features we have built into the house is a dank, dark dungeon. Great for disciplining the kids, AND storing wine!

The dungeon...a.k.a. "the crawlspace" is a stunted floor underneath the main floor, leaving just enough room to belly crawl around and check pipes and wires. Observe...

It used to be a dirt floor down there, but Mark has laid a 15 mil layer of plastic, and now we are working to seal it around the edges. Ultimately, it should be vapor-tight. Now here is Mark working diligently on...something. Actually, he is posing per my request, showing me how to caulk the plastic lining to the wall, which is my job for the day. This is the tiniest corner, but there are fewer ducts to deal with.

Now HERE he is going about his normal business...cutting stuff apart. Doesn't he look happy?


And here he is posing for his ABSOLUTELY LAST PICTURE. Could his expression say that any more clearly? I just wanted to show the entrance into the that too much to ask?????

Not the most inviting space in our new home...yes, it's a dungeon, but it's OUR dungeon!


  1. Crawl space...great idea. Love the light you put there. In my old home w/a crawl space I was very happy it had one. Where is the entrance into the crawl space? Usually, they're outside. I like the indoor entrance if space allows(like yours).

  2. Mark, suck it that I have Connie addicted to blogging...the pictures will just increase! My evil plan is working.

  3. Hi Jerry! The entrance is in our utility room on the first floor

  4. That is the best looking dungeon/crawl space I've ever seen! I want Mark to build my next house.