Sunday, January 17, 2010

REALLY ready to rock

It all happened last week as predicted:

- the heating guys finalized the system, and the house is now warm & snuggly
- the sheetrock was stocked

AND, I had to make some progress on my assignment to choose paint colors. But in order to choose paint colors, I must choose cabinets, and flooring, and countertop, and THAT is no easy task!

Here is the sheetrock, piled up around the house:

Here is me, striking an alluring pose in our two-person shower. Yes, we'll be close, but that's kinda the idea, right?

Here's the front porch we built. Eventually it will be replaced with the wrap-around country porch, but that is at least a year away. We had to get this up for the guys bringing in the sheetrock. It is STUR-DEE! Handrails were not a priority for the week, however.

And lastly, here is some progress on the kitchen. Mark and I agreed to do hardwood throughout the living room and kitchen. If we do hardwood on the floor, I like painted cabinets. After that, it's pretty much a free-for-all. The trim will be white, and...I know this will shock everyone...the appliances will be WHITE. No black or stainless. I know, nobody does white anymore, but I like it over black, and I couldn't imagine paying more money for stainless only to cover it with magnets and flyers, and lists, which is an essential part of my lifestyle. So...there it is.

The rock shown here is what we've chosen for the fireplace. I liked a lighter rock as well, but it didn't have the impact when I put it in my computer simulation.
No...really. That's what happens when nerds decorate.

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  1. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! My house next.....I called it first!