Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year

This weekend wrapped up the two weeks of Christmas break. I was glad to see that the girls were anxious to go back to school--they really seem to enjoy kindergarten. But as the vacation came to a close, we (I, mostly) consciously savored those last few days together. We also had a couple of nice surprises.

On Saturday morning, Mark's brother John called and asked if he could come over and help out (play with) Mark. He jumped in the car, was here by noon, and boy did they have fun! Check out this rig they used to put insulation in the ceiling...a platform built off some scaffolding. Doesn't it remind you of that clip that has been going around "Why women live longer than men"? Mark should get just a little higher by standing on a bucket!

John got to perform the deeply gratifying task of handing stuff to Mark...

and carrying around big pieces of wood.

A nice break for him, considering he is the COO of an international company! He was only here for 24 hours, but they got a lot done, and had some good man time too. Elsewhere on the ranch, there was another surprise:

This little guy showed up, and we weren't even aware the mother was due! Dad went back and checked his records, and sure enough, at some point we knew she was pregnant, but it just slipped off the radar. The mother really didn't look that big.

She's a sneaky one.

While we were out and about, the girls rediscovered the rope swing. Sometimes they share really well, and this was one of those times. They jumped on together and had a blast.

They laughed and laughed.

A great way to end a vacation, don't you think?


  1. Looks like Mark and John had a fun time together. Secretly, John probably wishes that he could have a construction job that paid as well as a COO job!! Also I was wondering, do all the Schlaefer men have nice sideburns and grow beards to compensate for what's not happening on the top of their heads???!!!

    Loved the pictures of the girls. They are growing up so fast (sigh).

    Miss you guys.

  2. And Dad has an amazing head of hair! Boys are so jealous! Great pics! So sad I'm not closer and I can't help too. I still want to trade kids in the summer when Samuel gets a little older!