Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Those crafty kids

Several months ago, I noted that I was craft-impaired. Apparently, not so with my children. After my public confession, my sister-in-law Tracey surprised me by sending me some craft books (thanks, again!). Whenever we have some down time, the girls love to page through the books, and set their sights on a new thing to build. During this past looonnnngggg rainy weekend, they did just that, and I have to share the results.

They initially wanted to make this castle:

They dismembered many an egg carton. The resulting carnage:

Then, I noticed the project slowly morphing. Abigail wants to decorate her tower in rainbow stripes. Suddenly I realize...they are no longer building a castle. The page has turned to this:

At this point, the girls are literally buzzing with industry (they get this from Mark's side of the family). I leave them to their work, decorating the castle/dollhouse with markers to show where they want windows cut. Next thing I know, they're asking for string. Why? Because they have plans drawn out to put a working elevator in the building.

Yes, a working elevator. Not in either picture.

Abigail hands me a little scrap of cardboard which she calls a lever. She wants to wind the string around it to raise and lower the 'vator. I did help by poking the hole in the top of the building, and tying the knot around the "carrier".

Ops check:

In use:

Now I ask you, is that a good use of a rainy day OR WHAT?


  1. Now those are definitely my nieces! Great work girls....Connie...since I don't think Samuel will want it any time soon....if you guys can figure out a way to transport the dollhouse I made it's yours!

  2. What do you expect when their parents are both engineers???? And, how many conversations about building the house do you think they have listened too and absorbed? They are very creative and I can't wait to see their next masterpiece.