Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holding our water

What is this?

A gigantic model of veins and arteries?

A dialysis machine?

Nope, that's my sister Karen with our new water manifold. The house water flows into it, and it has valves that can shut off water supply to each item in the house. Blow a valve under your sink? You can shut it off here.

And I'm sure you've guessed the code...red is hot and blue is cold! Isn't that clever? The material is called Pex, and Mark is madly in love with it. In addition to being pretty, it is also very easy to work with. Just like his wife :-)

So here's what it looks like as the pipes run through the crawl space.

And here's their elegant profile as they arch out of the floor for the bathroom sink. Isn't that cool?

We turned the water on a couple of days ago, which was very exciting. Mark called for both mechanical and plumbing inspection yesterday (Monday). It didn't go as well as planned. The plumbing test consisted of bringing a hose to the roof and filling up the drain vent pipe (after plugging up all the drains in the house, of course). Any flaws in the system will leak, and they did--several unsealed joints, and a cracked pipe, all work done by the plumbers. They are coming back up to fix these items today. We also found that we need to have the fireplace installed before we can pass mechanical. We scheduled the installation for Thursday, so HOPEFULLY, by next Monday we can reaccomplish both inspections and pass. This is a key step before insulation can be installed, which is our next big milestone.

Wish us luck!


  1. I was here!!! Love the photos and all of the details. I feel like I'm there getting the grand tour. Actually, I wish I was there getting the grand tour. It must feel good to finally be working on the inside of the house. I tip of the wine glass to you both for the hard work. Now, get it finished so you can come visit!!!