Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fall no more

It seems like just a few weeks ago I was talking about the fall season and all its beauty. Well, that's over. Now we have a new season. A cold season. Both the temperature kind AND the virus kind...we've had both!

Here is our first snow on the house.

Got the girls all geared up for snow, but it was melting faster than they could eat it!

They had better luck with these items...gingerbread (graham cracker) houses they made at the library.

Those little creations were stripped of their trimmings (except the minty stuff) within 24 hours and now sit naked and forlorn on the counter.

But here to cheer us up is this crazy sight:

Yes, that is my sister, Gail, on crazy hair day. If you look close (click on the picture), you can see that her hair is trimmed like a Christmas tree.

Gail works at the elementary school, and let's just say she has a reputation...

She is one of the most outgoing, creative, funny people I've ever met. People look forward to seeing what Crazy Gail is doing next. Which makes it a little bit of a let-down when people who know her meet me. I think most people understand that there can only be one Crazy Gail per family, though. The rest of us are good straight men!


  1. I can't wait to see the house decked out in Christmas lights next Christmas!

  2. The house is looking so great!!!! How much longer do you plan on camping? I can't wait to see the inside when its all done!!! We're still working on ours too....just got the new cabinets, double ovens, cooktop, and new quartz countertops installed...gotta get the photos up on the blog! The girls did a great job on their gingerbread houses! Mine still make them and they're 18 & 20....

  3. The house looks wonderful. Have you decided on a color for the trim and the front door yet?