Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Ugly Wall

Now, you may be wondering about the ugly wall, and whether or not it is living up to its name.

Up to the end, it proceeds like the other two before it.

But gets ugly.

Here is Mark getting ready to work near the top of the wall.

He climbs up our tallest ladder, but then:

He swings out into space on his climbing gear,

and pulls himself up the rope with his ascenders (climbing gear with which he is fortunately quite familiar).

Yep--it's ugly, but it's also almost done, and THAT is beautiful!


  1. I think that Mark designed this house and it's location specifically to utilize his climbing skills. Better him than me though...I too am not fond of heights.

  2. I think as a challenge he should bring the girls up there too!!! I'm going to steal a couple of your pictures to post on my blog too!

  3. Anything to play with his climbing gear.