Saturday, November 7, 2009

Two down, two to go

The second wall is finished! From this angle, it looks so...DONE, doesn't it? Like we should move in next week! I think we'll wait for the running water and flushing toilets though.

And then we go over here, to what Mark calls "the ugly side".

Not because that side is less beautiful, but because siding it is going to be more difficult due to the height. Check out our tallest ladder leaning against it! Mark really wanted to put "the ugly side" off until last, but our front door is not ready yet, so now by default, we'll do the front side last.

Here we are standing around on a Friday afternoon, admiring the progress.

But wait...who is that man standing there in front of Mark?

It's our nephew Zack! He is back to help out through December. His first semester at Chico didn't go well, so he's taking some time to regroup before taking another run at it in the spring semester. Some tough lessons learned under his belt, but there certainly is a huge silver lining in it (for us)...he is a great help to Mark! And he doesn't whine and cuss at Mark like his other help.

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  1. OMG...Zachery looks just like John! Hmmm...curious....Zachery's arms look bigger then Mark's!