Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We had a blast with Halloween this year. Abigail wanted to be a fairy, and Mae wanted to be a raccoon. And, just like last year (Abigail as a Hershey's Kiss, and Mae the colorful rainbow pony) everyone could tell what Abigail was, and Mae had to explain...her costumes are just tougher to execute! Plus she didn't want to wear any make-up, or her ears. She did insist that she wanted a fish to hold in her hand, which I thought was a clever detail. I'm not sure anyone could identify the stuffed sock as a fish, but it satisfied both Mae and me.

We carved jack-o-lanterns with the cousins.

We baked zucchini muffins for the school party. And they were a hit!

We went to the Halloween carnival at the high school, where the girls rode these itty bitty ponies.

They also rode the gigantic bouncehouse tiger slide countless times, which left them pretty tired, but we HAD to go out trick-or-treating, right????

So out we went, trick-or-treating country style: driving along the dark country roads, looking for houses with festive signs. We stop, get out of the booster seats, assemble our costumes, ring the doorbell, then return to the car, disassemble the costume, and strap back in. Needless to say, this is an arduous way to earn your candy! Fortunately, the girls and I both tired of this after an hour, so we returned home with just the right amount of loot to satisfy the girls.

Now...on to Thanksgiving!

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  1. I miss being able to participate in all of this! Glad you had fun.