Monday, October 26, 2009

One down, three to go

We had another crazy week with nothing going as planned. Abigail, Mae, and their cousin Scotty all came down with fevers last week. Abigail was sick from Saturday til Tuesday. Mae succumbed Tuesday night, and still had a fever last night (Sunday night). Scotty actually was confirmed with Influenza A mid-week, so of course the concern was whether we'd have any larger issues with H1N1, since 90% of Influenza A is H1N1 right now. Mae had a pretty high fever, so we ended up getting her checked out, but found that it was likely a good old fashioned virus, not H1N1. Here the girls are prior to the hammer coming down. Grandma Fran picked up these dresses for the girls to play dress up in, and dang it...that's what they're doing!

Meanwhile, Mark slogged away at the siding, and finally finished up the first wall. Quite an achievement, considering how much he did all by himself!

So you can see that work has started on on the south wall. This wall should go more quickly since it is much shorter than the gable end. The west wall, however, will be the worst...40 feet tall at the peak!

Fortunately, we've gone through the process once already, so maybe the big wrinkles are already ironed out. I hope to be more help on this wall, but we're not off to a very auspicious start: Mae home today, volunteering in the classroom tomorrow and Friday. Well, there's always the weekend.

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