Thursday, October 15, 2009

Don't hit the spider

Ten days since I last posted...what has happened?

We had a couple kind of slow days continuing to figure out the siding and the scaffolding. I need to get pic up of THAT.

Mark pointed out that he has, in fact, worked with fiber cement siding, and was mildly insulted at my ignorance of that fact. Mea culpa.

We took a 4 day weekend to go to San Diego for a birthday party for my grandmother (my mom's mom). Her 90th! What a party! So I need to post pics of that too.

Once we got back we had to weather the storm of the century, at least for California in October. 6 inches of rain...25% of our average annual one day! Building was put on hold, but we went scavanging downtown, looking for deals. Solid woven bamboo for $3.60/sq.ft. -- doesn't that sound good????

And here we are, today, Thursday...a beautiful afternoon. The tarantulas think so too. They are out looking for mates, and one had the misfortune to wander across Mark's path. He was plucked up and brought to the girls for observation.

This was followed by a game of "don't run over the spider with your bicycle". The poor spider is cowering at the left end of the stick here.

The spider seemed perplexed with the tennis court net.

Finally, we released him into the wild.

Doesn't he look happy? And determined?

Single hairy male spider seeks single female spider. All comers welcome.

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