Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Strangers in the house

Wow, yesterday was a weird day. There were strange men in our house, sawing and hammering and leaving their own little boxes and gizmos attached. Two plumbers and two electricians, so we KNEW they were coming and we had, in fact, had asked them to be there, but still...they were working on OUR PROJECT. It really did feel strange. And I had the opportunity to discuss once again where every freaking switch and light and fan and outlet was going to be. But that was kind of exciting. Especially when I went back after they were gone and there they were--the switch boxes!

AND, we ordered the siding. We chose the...(scroll down for the answer)...

Isn't this exciting??????

Seven inch boards. Yep...smack dab in the middle (although no one seemed to like anything SMALLER than 7"). Lots of broader lap fans out there, I see, and Corrie brought up the ease of installation, which is always a good point. But I had to follow my heart, which after much close examination still cried out for the seven inch boards. Mark liked both 7" and 8", so he was happy with either. He's so easy to work with!


  1. All right! Nice choice. What do I win? A couple of swings of the hammer on a board?
    Hey Mark, you and I are thinking alike. Must be a '84 thing.