Monday, September 7, 2009

The roof...the roof...the roof is...DONE!

Here is Mark working on the ridge and nailing the last shingle.

The roof took exactly two weeks of crazy hard work on Mark's part. Many of those 14 days were 100+ degrees in the shade. Can you imagine how hot the southern-facing roof slope was? Fortunately, the work was kind of self-limiting under those conditions. The shingles got too soft, and would tear if they were stepped on, so once that time of day came round, usually around noon, the work on the roof was over for that day and he could work in the relative comfort of the shaded interior of the house, or run to get supplies, or play computer solitaire (no wait...NEVER before 5 p.m.)

Getting the roof complete means the house is now "dried in", meaning water tight at least from above, which gives us comfort as we head into the fall. We have ordered windows and are about to order siding. Mark's plan is to work wall by wall, doing both siding and windows as we work our way around the house. Meanwhile, we have electrical and plumbing subcontractors who can now do their thing (as soon as we decide final placement of every little freaking switch, which is my current assignment).

All in all, we are still on schedule to be "complete" by April, twelve months after breaking ground. As we get into this next phase, though, we have SO MANY decisions to make, it just is mind-boggling. We went to an appliance sale this weekend, and got just a taste of what is coming:

- stainless, black, or white? (of course this is intimately tied in with cabinet, counter, and floor selection)
- hood or downdraft?
- french door, side by side, bottom freezer?
- ceiling fans? recessed light? sconces?

And the most plaguing question of I REALLY need a double oven? Really?

And in other news, my girls discovered yesterday that they EACH have a loose tooth. They're not even 5 1/2! I'm not prepared for this!

Tooth fairy, you ready?


  1. Lookin' good you guys!!!
    How fun with getting to pick how/where you want everything!! I would be in HEAVEN!

  2. I vote "no" on the bottom freezer because we have one in the rental home in which we are living, and I don't like it. It doesn't hold as much and it is harder to access than the side-by-side or freezer on top models. In my experience, black appliances show smudges the least, but I like appearance of the stainless steel the best. However if you get stainless steel, try to get black handles or you may find yourself constantly wiping down the handles because they look grungy. Or maybe that's just because we have 70 fingers in this household putting their greasy/sticky fingerprints everywhere. :)

  3. I so want a freezer on the bottom! Go for it! I'll fly out and help you decorate!

  4. NIcely done, Mr. Roofer! I didn't envy your task, especially in the middle of summer.