Sunday, September 20, 2009

The rest of the story...

Ah, so you heard about the 7" siding, and how we ordered it...but that was not the end of the story. Turns out, for some reason the 7" siding was more expensive than either the 6" or the 8" siding. I can only think that it must be very popular, and that I unwittingly chose the most popular choice, and that maybe I am a trend SETTER, and NOT a follower. In any was also 4 weeks out when we went to place our order. So we went with the 8" boards (cheaper, less than 2 weeks and we will set a new trend). So now you broader lap fans can also be happier with our choice. The siding should come in this week, so we'll have to start figuring things out PRETTY QUICK regarding how to lift these boards to their final resting place up high on the wall of our house. Mark has been working to get some "pump jacks", so we'll see how that works out.

Meanwhile, Mae lost her tooth a week ago, and Abigail lost hers at school on Tuesday (note that picture day was just ONE day later...just in time to catch these fresh gaps). But is there any doubt that the Tooth Fairy makes this a happy event? Yeah, one tooth = $1! That buys a whole BAG of jelly beans!

In other news, we had quite an event this weekend...we spent the night up at the house. It was actually my niece, Casey's, idea. She wanted to have her friend over and spend the night up at the site. So we all rode the coat-tails of that plan and crashed her party.

Here are the original partygoers after a rough night of sugar intoxication. And did they bring toothbrushes???? Nooooooo!

Here is the room for party crashers. We had a great time too!

I got to watch the sun rise over the hills out my loft window.

And see the morning light illuminate the island??? Ahhhhhhhhh, my plan is WORKING!!!

Can't wait to do this again!


  1. Great choice on the 8" siding...less nails!!! I can't believe you are wearing sweatshirts inside your sleeping bags. We are lucky if we pull up the top sheet at night!! Enjoy your cool evenings for us.

  2. Sorry, not the camping out kind of gal here...let me know when the BEDS arrive! Ha!

  3. What kind of siding is it connie? Also what kind of roof shingles are they? dick