Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Exciting things you can do if you visit us

As promised, here are but a FEW of the really exciting things that real live visitors have done while visiting us here in Tollhouse:

You could run with the bulls!

Or walk around and feed them alfalfa

You could (harness up and) walk the roof with Mark (my cousin Donald did can you!)

You could climb up on the scaffolding to hand Mark shingles, tools, beer (just kidding), etc. (Katherine does this fearlessly here)

You could visit lovely downtown Tollhouse. Here we are at the minimart, but you could ALSO see the post office, garage, military surplus, church and cemetery. You can get ALL the provisions for root beer floats here!

You could go a little further (50 miles as the crow flies but 2+ hours drive) and see Yosemite!

You could hang out at the pool

You could befriend the kittens. And then maybe take one or two home! Please?

So pick up that phone now and schedule YOUR visit to Tollhouse, California. If you're really brave (like Katherine and Rhyan), you can stay out in the trailer with us! Hey, it sleeps 11, so you could bring a party of 7! Bring earplugs, though, because MARK SNORES! (I might too...just a little bit...all that country air, you know).

See you soon!


  1. SO MUCH EXCITEMENT...I DON'T KNOW IF I COULD HANDLE IT! Maybe we could liven things up a little and ride a bull with an attached saddle bag full of shingles that we bring to Mark while eating a root beer floats at the same time we are petting kittens. Now that is a plan!

  2. Hey, Connie, I have a party of 7 for you right here! And I reckon at least one of us snores, too. Boy, does Tollhouse look like a great place to live! Love your posts!!!

  3. I ditto what Jackie said.
    The house looks like it's progressing nicely. Is it going to be closed up by the time the first flake flies?
    Also love the shot of Half Dome. Just beautiful.
    It's easy to see why your Dad picked the area.