Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Zack moves on

Ahh, another beautiful sunset up at the house. Wait...what's that up on the roof?

Some sort of bizarre weathervane?

Are we witnessing some sort of supernatural event?

No, just Zack up on the roof, saying goodbye to the turf that has become very familiar to him these last months.

Just's what we were doing the week before Zack came, on the 8th of June:

And here he is on his first week with us:

Am I the only one who sees a difference? Nope, Mark does too...

Well done, Zack. Best of luck at Chico!


  1. Personally, I think the boy should take a year off and work for Mark....hhmmmm I think Mark should really discuss this with Zac's Dad!

  2. Here is his new address:
    Zachary Schlaefer
    501 Citrus Avenue
    Lassen Hall #220
    Chico, CA 95926
    In case the girls want to draw a picture for him to hang in his dorm. Plus, he's probably getting low on BBQ sauce!