Thursday, July 30, 2009

Visions of the little white farmhouse (and associated angst)

I thought I might share the view of our house from the plans. At this point, the porch and garage are future projects, and the chimney is no more (we decided to go with a propane direct vent...much more efficient). But this gives you the big picture:

What I have in mind is a traditional white farmhouse, with a greenish-greyish roof. I think that fits in with the setting, and after all this time, I find the crisp white farmhouses still turn my head the most. So I used the "Paint" program to give it some color:

The dormer is actually purely cosmetic, and a pain to frame, so we looked at some other possibilities to see what we liked best.

No dormer (disregard that dormer floating in space):

Moving the dormer higher on the roof toward the ridge:

Keeping the dormer in the current position (flush with the front face of the house), but with a layer of roof in front of it:

Same as above but with fascia extending to meet the main roof fascia:

In the end we decided we liked the original design best, although in reality the bottom corners of the triangle will not be cut off as they are here. that we have the PLAN in mind, here's what is going on in real life. The fascia is going up:

Can you see it??? The whiteness on that fascia board? And how lovely it looks against the backdrop of the hills?????

Actually, that board IS painted white. Mark went ahead and put the first coat of paint on so we have a little less to do up at heights once the house is fully assembled.

Speaking of heights, check out the roof!

Mark and Zack have sheeted one half, and will be working on the second half today.

Look at them scamper around up there.

Setting the sub-fascia:

And I can't resist sharing one last shot:

On our way out to the trailer last night, I spotted this rattler laying across the sidewalk. This picture was taken after Grandpa blew his head off with the .22 .

Sleep tight, kids!



  2. You're home plans look great. And the actual structure is coming along very nicely. It looks a good bit bigger than the plans I saw a year and half ago. Must be me.
    I thought your girls pretty daring until I read of the snake's demise. Still, they're not squeamish, are they?