Sunday, July 5, 2009

The big cube

As the house is taking shape, you might observe that it is looking like a big cube.

In fact, this is true, so you wouldn't hurt our feelings by saying that out loud. The house has a 40' x 40' footprint, and top of the second floor wall is around 24 feet on the downhill side of the house. So not QUITE a cube, but close. The roof will be quite tall, since the pitch is fairly steep (I think we decided on 8" rise per foot).

We're going for a traditional farmhouse, using very simple lines. Ultimately, we plan to have a wrap around porch on the front, but that will have to wait for now. So the end product at least initially might look a little stark, but you have to know THE VISION. And now you do!

Here is the work going up on the second floor...joists for the attic space! Mark is framing the space above one half of the second floor for storage space in the attic. The other side will have trusses. Truss delivery and placement should be pretty darn exciting...probably within the next two weeks.

Mark wants to get as far along in getting the roof on and the place "dried in" (meaning it is protected from the rain) while he has Zachary's help. Once the girls start school ON THE 13TH OF AUGUST, I'll be more available to help, but I think we'd all agree...I have my limitations!

Here's Mark taking a well-deserved break with the girls. They are sitting in our bedroom window.

Here's Zack taking an equally well-earned break. You might think the girls are looking with awe at their big cousin Zack. Actually, I told them to check Zack's ears for potatoes. They had trouble even spotting his ears!


  1. Looking good Mark!! Love Dad

  2. You guys are doing a fantastic job on the house. I am enjoying keeping up with the progress and learning stuff along the way.

    Hope you had a great 4th.

  3. Great job! It should be done in a few weeks right?