Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beautiful Downtown Hanford

This is the Fresno Amtrack station, the passengers quietly waiting for departure. A few of them. The rest are preschoolers on a field trip. No more peace and quiet! Mae and Abigail are in the background on the left here, acosting the teacher's 12-year-old daughter, whom they worship. Fortunately, she is very kind to them.

The girls' preschool went on a field trip, riding the train to Hanford, about 30 minutes south of Fresno. Hanford is a cute little burg, with a town square, a merry-go-round, and a famous dairy/diner. We hit it all on our whirlwind tour! In fact, there they go, off with the crowd and their hero, unconcerned about where their mother is!

The girls called Mark during the ride...excitedly telling him what they were seeing:
"Corn! Grapes! Junkyard!"

First stop: Merry-go-round! This is a fun one...older, so it goes pretty fast! We must have ridden it for half an hour.

Next stop: Superior Dairy. Now, I had promised the girls ice cream in Hanford, so we had been having our healthy snacks so that I could somewhat justify what I knew would happen...we'd be having ice cream for lunch. But even I had no idea what was coming...

THIS is a large sundae, with four scoops of ice cream. I thought four scoops would be about the size of four baseballs, not four mitts! We were quite the spectacle.

The girls were committed.

They gave it their all.

They are real achievers.

OK, I did help. And no one got sick or even complained of a tummy ache. In fact, we went back and rode the merry-go-round a SECOND time! Then we got a quick tour of the town in an old fire truck.

Getting ready to go home now.

What a great day! Can't wait to do it again!

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