Monday, June 22, 2009

Mark's Helpers

Things have REALLY progressed this week. Look...the first floor is almost completely framed, and shear walls are going in along the outside (that's the solid, plywood-looking stuff).

Framing is a very satisfying time of the building process. The results of the work are very visual, so you really get a sense that things are moving quickly (this is all according to Mark, of course). For my part, I have to agree! Mark had a lot of assistance this week, too. Our nephew Zack arrived, and has been a real help to Mark.

You can see...he's quite a sturdy young man, and a hard worker

Of course, Mark will teach him all about safety

Here they are securing the last section of "big wall". They have already started putting in floor joists for the second floor! We've actually stood up in the loft area on the second floor. I think it will be a wonderful place to hang out.

My sister Gail and her kids came down several times last week, and were wonderful helpers. Here is my mom tasking Abigail and Mae with the job of picking nails out of the debris pile. They enjoyed "helping".

They also discovered the work gloves laying around.

And of course, what pair of little girls doesn't immediately start up a boxing match? Abigail was at a slight disadvantage here, since she only had one glove.

What shy, delicate creatures we are raising!

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  1. It's good to see Mark had some "professional" to show him the ropes.

    Your girls will be able to teach Samuel a thing or two when he's older!