Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kittens and Lumber

My daughter Mae is moving out of a phase, and I want to note it for posterity before I forget all about it. Mae likes to pretend that she is a kitten. While she’s playing, she feels the need to state all the conditions of her kittenhood, so that I know all about her and can treat her accordingly. She actually will tell me all my lines during our play, but this is just character development, I guess.

At first, she was just a kitten. Then, she was a one-year-old kitten. Then, she was a one-year-old crazy kitten. Her final version was:

“I’m a one-year-old crazy kitten named Belle who likes to swim, and is very well trained, and she’s very shy because you just got her, and she just came out of her mommy.”

Of course, I feel compelled to remind Mae that the kitten can’t be one year old AND have just come out of her mommy, but this conflict doesn’t really bother her.

Anyway, at its peak of fashion, the kitten statement was made multiple times a day. Yesterday when she said it, I realized it had been days since I’d heard it. So we may be moving out of the “Belle the Kitten” phase and on to some new fantasy.

I’m gonna miss that crazy kitten.

Now we’re ready to talk lumber. Lumber to construct the first floor was delivered just over a week ago. Since then, we’ve taken three days off to go see a change of command down at my old stomping grounds at the Rocket Lab at Edwards AFB, and STILL, even with that break, Mark has the beams in, the joists “rolled” (which to me just seems like “stood up in place”), and the subfloor two thirds done. We should start framing walls next week! This Friday, we’ll attend high school graduation for our nephew Zachary. By next Friday, Zack will be here to help for a couple of months before he starts college. That will be great…a dedicated partner instead of one who has to take kids potty, is afraid of heights, and trips over her own feet while carrying sheets of plywood. I’ll still pitch in and bring lemonade, though.

This is where we were last Tuesday, as the lumber arrived:

Lumber delivery was interesting. The lumber was strapped together as a package on the back of a large truck. The bed of the truck tilts up like a dump truck. As soon as the lumber starts to slide, the driver guns it and runs out from under the load. I wasn’t quite expecting that! The load comes of surprisingly intact, and off we go!

And Mark goes to work!

The girls had fun up at the site, at first playing up on our NEW FLOOR, then rooting around in the crawlspace.

Here's Abigail showing off all the glue blobs she's speared off the ground in the crawlspace. Doesn't that sound like fun?

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  1. I was a dog at her age and believe it or not Dad played along too. Nice to see the floor finally on. good job Mark! You keep that lemonade coming, Connie.