Monday, June 15, 2009

Animal stories

Here's the proof that the story I told about the rattlesnake actually happened.

And what loving mother doesn't hand the headless but still squirming body to her children to hold for a photo op? Don't they look happy?

My other animal story has no pictures, thank goodness. Yesterday we loaded up six cattle to take down to the auction. Things went pretty smoothly getting the cattle from the big pasture into the corral. But that was the end of the smooth part. To say that they did NOT want to get into the trailer would be a gentle understatement. The biggest problem was a young bull with horns. He had already been sparring with the 3 other young bulls, and being the only one with horns, he always won. Once HE got into the trailer, no one else wanted to get in with him. He has been such a pain to deal with, it was almost worth it to send him down the hill by himself! But we did get the rest in, eventually. I use the term "we" loosely dad and my sister Gail actually did all the work. I tried to help, but was generally chastised for doing something dumb and dangerous, so I eventually figured out that everyone was happier if I just sat on the sidelines and watched. Quietly.

We may send another batch down today. Maybe this time I can help!


  1. I especially love the girls holding the snake in their Sunday best!

  2. OMG!!! What great photos!!! Good to see you all again! We are in Michigan (finally) and we have the movers here today. Things are going well...Juan starts his new job sometime mid July....We LOVE it here! :) Say hi to Mark and the girls. Hugs, Joni