Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day...Rodeo?

Maybe not words that you would normally put together...unless you were from Sierra High School. Then you would recognize it as a MAJOR social event. Today Sierra conducted its 60th annual Mother's Day Rodeo, and we were proud attendees.

Events included barrel racing, poles, cow riding, hide race (one kid on a horse drags another on a cow hide), and chute dogging (which the girls confused with "dog shooting", and were NOT interested in observing). We ALL loved it. When I was a high schooler, I though it was a crazy way to spend Mothers' Day, although I did so several times. Now...I'm into it!! Unfortunately, we missed the goat tying event to run off to our next excitement of the day--club basketball.

We attended a local basketball tournament in which my nieces were playing. Here are my BEST pictures of them in action. First Casey (#32,dark jersey, 8th grade), then Megan (#25, 7th grade, taking the penalty shot). Obviously, I am not quite comfortable with the settings on my camera, but I'm working on it! Actually downloaded the owners' manual so that I could read the instructions (5 years late...)

Here's my sister Gail with my girls. As I've moved back, many people have either thought I WAS Gail (who seems to be generally loved), or picked up on the resemblance before I said a word. That is the easy thing about moving onto old family turf. I'm sure the bad stuff will surface later :-) The guy in the upper left is Gail's husband Scott. This doesn't show his generally happy self, but again...I'm working on the photo skills, which apparently include timing.

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  1. We miss the girls. Glad you had a fun MOTHER'S DAY! You seem to be enjoying retirement too....did Mark actually take a day off from house building?