Friday, May 22, 2009

Foundation and Power

Wednesday was a tremendous day—the foundation walls were poured! No pictures, since I was running the camcorder and could only handle one extra appendage at a time. As when we poured the footings, there was a flurry of activity, but even more intense this time. I think we were all a little nervous with the Styrofoam walls…would they REALLY hold all that weight, or would they crack and pour concrete all over our home site? Mark Alvis, the vendor for the Logix blocks, actually attended the pour, along with a representative from the local green building chapter, and they videotaped the process for reference material! Kind of cool to have that kind of interest in the work we are doing. They are also interested because we are installing a ground source heat pump, which is expensive up front, but super efficient, so everything after the first 7 years is money saved over traditional heating and cooling systems. They’ll be back when that system is installed.

So the foundation is done. Lumber arrives next Tuesday, and we start to build the first floor after that! The summer heat is really starting to kick in with quite a few days in the upper 90s, so we are trying to figure out ways to deal with it. The folks’ swimming pool is VERY handy! Just with a solar blanket, it is up to 83 degrees already. In just two weeks since we began dipping into the pool, the girls are making amazing progress in swimming. They will be little minnows by the end of this summer! We bought a little wading pool for the site, but have no way to fill it at the moment. That will soon change. This week we also had PG&E put up our power pole, and we will have power up at the site. As soon as we can make a temporary connection routing power to the well…voila! This week also brings the installation of our fire suppression tank, a 2500 gallon water tank that will sit off our driveway. I’m trying to think of how to make it look charming and farmhouse-y, maybe like a little barn. No? Grain silo?

And lastly, next Monday is our 18th wedding anniversary. Our wedding actually took place out on the back 40, not far from our home site. Just one more reason this place is so special to us. Time to break out the old pictures! Here we are 18 years ago.

And here we are last November at my 20th USAFA reunion...

It kind of looks like Mark has shrunk over the years, but no...I just had massive heels on so my borrowed dress wouldn't drag on the ground!



  2. Happy anniversary! Looks like you are doing awesome. So awesome, in fact, that you will never call me back! But that is ok, because it looks like you are busy.

    Nice work on the homebuilding, looks like a pretty tight schedule.