Saturday, April 25, 2009

Return of the trencher

Here's Mark, admiring the trencher as it beautiful!

Needless to say, the love was there as the trencher returned to the site. Here he is with a sheepish grin--should he be having this much fun???? I'm feeling jealous.

Mark trenched from the well to the house, then from the power panel to the house. Still left is the trench from the propane tank, but the propane company will be doing that. We did hit a very rocky portion, which may be a foreshadowing of what we'll deal with when we start doing footings and grading. I hope it's not TOO rocky!

Meanwhile, the girls thoroughly enjoyed the trencher as well. What could be better than digging your bare feet into the warm, soft earth?

They also posed as two little wildflowers out in the field. Awwww!

On a final note, the inspector returned yesterday and signed off the inspection we had failed, plus the conduit to the house. Progress!


  1. At least Mark is paying for his keep! The picture of the girls is great!!!

  2. Love the photos!!! And the painted arm art project is fantastic!!! lol I do remember those days with my 2!

    Well, they have the outside of our Antelope Drive houses well under way...the windows are all in, the stone work is complete, the additions are done. I don't know about the insides, but they are coming along nicely. We were offered housing in the Senior Officer Housing about a month ago....go figure! Those are really nice...I walked through one the other day...sooooo different from the slums we live in now! lol

    Oh, I need your mailing address please! Kelsey wants to send you a graduation announcement. We finally received our orders yesterday...nothing like waiting until the last minute hey? We're planning on pulling out of Colorado on May 25th with our personal UHaul and then Juan will fly back for the packers and the 2 additional weeks worth of work.

    Zeppelin is now weighing in at 125lbs! He still has lots of puppy in him! But I'm walking him every day for about 45 minutes and that helps to drain his energy! lol Take care!!!