Thursday, April 9, 2009

Living with Cows and Bobwire

Am I the only one who used to think this was the name for the wire with the barbs? Guess I never made the connection! Mark has been putting up the "bobwire", and the girls came by to check it out.

And help Dad.

You may wonder why we need to put up barbed wire when we have such a nice sturdy fence. The answer is that cattle are pretty pushy. When things dry out, they may want to eat something inside the fence, so they'll push against our pretty corral board. We nailed the board on the inside of the fence because we thought it looked nicer from the inside that way, and we're going to be looking at it for a looonnnngggg time. So we want to discourage cattle leaning, and pushing, and nosing around. In fact, we're also going to run an electric wire. We're going to look like a compound!

The cattle are pretty funny. They are SO nosy and curious! Check this out. This is the SAME tractor that has been up there for weeks, but now there is a tarp on it. Obviously of great interest!

And we welcomed a new clean and white from a Mommy tongue bath!


  1. Very dog is curious of new things too. You need to post more Connie...this is great stuff. Good to see you putting the girls to slackers allowed in this family.

  2. Great to hear from you! I saw a link to your blog from a comment you left on another DFEM alum's blog (Janelle, I think?). It's beautiful where you are and it's fun to watch your progress building your dream house. Life after the AF suites you all so well!