Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Finally...THE PERMIT

Yesterday was a day of celebration...we made it through a MAJOR milestone and received our building permit. Mark, not one to let moss grow, immediately scheduled an inspection on our electrical mount. The inspection occurred today, and...what? we DIDN'T PASS?????? Some question about how wires are secured in the electrical box, which will hopefully be resolved by tomorrow. Also, tomorrow we rent the trencher again. Will Mark still love it, or will his love be muted by the fear of the trench collapsing? Tune in next time! Early next week, Mark is taking a much needed break (well, we all just went on one, but he really could use another one), and going climbing next week. His buddy Mike is coming up, and they'll head to Yosemite for some man time. But by the end of next week, we should be BREAKING GROUND for footings!

In other news, we had kindergarten registration today. It was more extensive than I had anticipated, with stations to evaluate the children for listening, speaking, and physical skills. I think we passed, which means MY BABIES are cleared to go to school. And as much as it pains me to admit, they are totally ready to spread their wings, even despite my lack of creative entertainment. I do have to publicly note that my sister-in-law Tracey responded to my comment about my lack of creativity by sending some helpful books, which I'm anxious to dig into! Maybe I should start admitting to other weaknesses!

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  1. You ask and I'm there! Anything I can do to help the NON-creative! Tell Mark to get off his LAZY butt now and get that house built!